1. To develop a Professional-Training Programme for the specialists who act in the field of domestic violence

by the elaboration of a Professional-Training Manual for the network of specialists, and of a Trainer’s Guide; by the instruction of at least 8 trainers, who should provide uniform, standardized training for the specialists with attributions in the field of domestic violence.

2. To raise the level of knowledge, skills and emotional capacity, necessary for understanding and supporting the women-victims of domestic violence, as well as the aggressors

for at least 250 specialists within public and private institutions, with attributions and activity in the field of prevention and fight against domestic violence, across the Central and North-Western Regions.

3. To raise the inter- and intrainstitutional coordination and collaboration efficiency, in the prevention and intervention activities, in the field of domestic violence

by conducting the training in mixed groups, ensuring the representation of all main professional categories, with relevant skills and expertise.

4. To collect good practices and to ensure the transfer of knowledge and expertise between the Romanian partners and the Norwegian partner

in the field of the training, prevention and fight against domestic violence.

What do we want to obtain?

1 Curriculum for training the specialists in the field of domestic violence

1 professional-training program recognized as continuing education and training for professionals, accredited by the Romanian College of Psychologists and the National College of Social Workers

2 working instruments, elaborated for the use of specialists: the Professional-Training Manual and the Trainer’s Guide

At least 8 instructed trainers

At least 250 practitioners who complete the training program, whereof at least 10% work with minority groups of Roma ethnicity and Hungarian ethnicity